Welcome to CuttersRT "The People's Race Car"

IT'S SIMPLE!  We are Crowd Funding for the FUN of it.

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Imagine 10,000 screaming fans supporting "The People’s Race Car."  You can be one of those fans and an official sponsor of "THE PEOPLE'S RACE CAR."

This is the Greatest Spectacle in Racing! The field of 33 takes the green flag for the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500. "The People's Race Car" shows early on that it will be a contender. You turn to your friend and say, “That’s my car! My name is on that car. I sponsor The People's Race Car!” It’s not just a dream. You CAN become a sponsor of an IndyCar series car for the 2014 Indianapolis 500.

CuttersRT, the name we have given all of us who sponsor, is creating a movement and attempting to enter an entirely non-corporate car into the Indianapolis 500. The car will be operated by Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing.  With a goal of raising $1 million, Cutters Race Team is calling on fans to participate in the Indianapolis 500 in a way never seen before. Each $100 entrant will go towards getting "The People's Race Car" to the starting line.


It’s time for fans to Take Back the Track.

Sponsorship is completely different than the norm. At CuttersRT, we believe corporate sponsors have done their part in keeping the 500 a successful and fun event, but it’s time for fans to Take Back the Track. CuttersRT is leveling the playing field for every individual who wants to become an official IndyCar sponsor.

Anyone can join the Cutters family!  This is all about fun and the fans being involved in the Indianapolis 500 in a way that will create memories for a lifetime. You will become part of Cutters Race Team, the operation behind this effort. Our Team will be giving Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing the best opportunity to win the Indianapolis 500.  But the CuttersRT name or the SFHR name won’t appear anywhere on the car. This isn’t about the group behind the scenes. It’s not about corporations. It’s about fans! That’s why this is "The People’s Race Car."  YOUR NAME will be on the car!